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Complete Long Travel Front Suspension Kit G-body / S10

Complete Long Travel Front Suspension Kit G-body / S10

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I’ve teamed up with Trick Chassis to bring you guys the kit everyone has been looking for! Complete long travel front suspension package for your g-body or s10. This will include the following parts to make getting more travel, control, and tuning options for your rides front suspension! 

- Trick Chassis new no prep upper control arms. Featuring thicker wall tubing, no limiter cross brace, and ultra low friction 1” extended ball joints

- Trick chassis coil over tubular lower controls arms and hardware kit 

- You’re choice of shock and spring combo. (all kits will go out with 14” 250lb springs, as this is the best starting point for the combo and can be changed/ fine tuned if needed down the road) 

- All shocks will come with hardware kit, thrust bearing kit, and spanner wrench kit 

- NBI bolt on long travel shock brackets and needed hardware 

This kit can take your chassis with stock parts and make it a long travel setup the same day! Everything needed is included in the kit

(bump steer kits must be ordered separately as most cars now days have rack and pinion and don’t need the kit) 


*Yes the shock towers will clear factory steering shaft 

*I also recommend welding the shock brackets to the frame if able. They do just fine bolted and have been race/ road tested but welding them on is always a great precaution! 

*KITS ARE MADE TO ORDER* Shock towers are in stock 99.9% of the time and will ship within the first day or two once order is placed. We’re trying to keep all shocks in stock also but can be a 2-4 weeks out. Thanks for your patience and support!  Brackets will ship from NBI and the rest from trick chassis so you will receive multiple boxes 


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