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LS Exhaust Gasket O-Ring Cutting Tool

LS Exhaust Gasket O-Ring Cutting Tool

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It’s finally here! Never mess with sharp and problematic exhaust gaskets again! This tool has taken a lot time to get to a production point. But it’s finally here. With tons of hours of R&D it’s ready for consumer use! Bring the power of a machine shop into your own garage and tool box. Save the cost of disassembly, shipping, and machine shop labor on your cylinder heads while getting the major satisfaction of doing it yourself. After the job is complete you’ll also have a tool in your arsenal to repeat the job on any LS setup you or your friends / teammates have. This is a manual groove cutter made of billet 6061 aluminum that uses a 3/4 socket and ratchet to rotate the inner piece a few revolutions, then adjust set screw down a very minimal amount to slower cutting bit, and repeat. The outer jig bolts to the exhaust flange bolt holes to locate and guide the inner rotating piece. The cutter has two holes, one for oil lubricant and one for checking the depth of cut. You MUST check the depth of cut multiple times and thoroughly to insure you are not going too deep or too shallow. You want the depth of cut to be between .115 and .125.
WATCHING THE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO IS MANDATORY. And all sales are final once you bolt the cutter onto your heads. You are in charge of confirming your head surface has adequate space and your port is in the right position without having interference of the o-ring groove. Once you bolt the cutter onto your cylinder head you assume full responsibility and liability. If you follow the step by step instructions you will be fine! 😎

What is included in the kit will be 

- VERY detailed instructional video with QR code for video link 

- Billet 6061 cutting fixture inner / outer pieces. Cuts a groove that has a 2.25” Outside diameter / 2.00” Inside diameter 

- Two .125 cutting bits and bit holders

- One 10/32 set screw for height adjustment 

- 10 viton high temp .125 thick O-rings

*Patent Pending* 


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