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S10 & G-Body Bolt On Long Travel shock Towers

S10 & G-Body Bolt On Long Travel shock Towers

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These S10/ G Body shock towers will allow you to retain “stock style” suspension all while utilizing the tuning advantage of a 24” shock and a taller, lighter spring with more sprung energy. My brackets with the supporting recommendation pieces will net you around 10.5” of travel with maximum tuning ability! While these are bolt on pieces we highly recommend they be welded to the frame for maximum strength and durability. You will also have to cut spring pocket for clearance for new longer shock. We will have a “How to” video up shortly! Sold as pair (Driver/pass) hardware included in kit for installation. Take note on photos to see for clearance for your headers. They do clear LS truck manifolds and and most up and forward headers. The brackets themselves stand about 8” high off the frame and if you’re running an LS they have 6.5” of clearance from cylinder head on drivers side and 5” of clearance of passenger side (Most GM vehicles have engine offset 1.5” to passenger side from factory for driver and steering clearance) 

*Shorter side of bracket with small hole goes towards front of vehicle for installation!* 

note- small hole is for mounting Lowdoller Motorsports shock travel sensor 😎 


4- 1/2” bolts to replace factory a arm mounting bolts

4- 1/2” bolts to secure both mounting tabs to frame

2 - control arm spacer plates

We recommend the following parts and part numbers be used to maximize travel in your vehicle when using our shock towers.

1. Control Arms  (Uppers & Lowers)


Trick chassis - message them and ask for them without center to bar and he will make them out of thicker wall tubing for you!

2. Upper ball joint


Pro forge part number - 101-10469

3. Bump steer kit -  - remember bump steer needs to be set at mid travel! Not at ride height!

4. Spindles: Stock spindles! Not drop spindles!

5. Shocks - any brand of shock will work Strange/Afco/Viking/qa1. I recommend Strange Shock package part number S5009

These heights will work with the brackets but I suggest getting a shock that can go nice and tight on rebound - as with running a taller spring there is more stored energy.

Compressed height measurement: less than 15” 

Extended height measurement: 20” or longer 

Qa1: mod shocks part number for reference if interested M911PL & M911PR or you can use a Proma Star part number DD901 (the promastars are too loose if you plan on doing any racing on a good surface) 

6. Springs - will vary based on front weight of car but I recommend starting with a 14 or 16” 250lb spring 


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